Personal Training

The benefits of a Personal Trainer

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or fitness fanatic to enjoy and benefit from one of our programs. Our client base includes people with a wide range of health and fitness goals at every stage of their life. Our Personal Trainers can assist you today with an assessment & program, ongoing regular 1 on 1 training or an introduction to the gym session for those new to gym equipment. Book now online to get started.


New to the gym

Need help, support and guidance

This will help you to perform the technique properly and safely. While gaining the support and guidance from one of our trainers.

Why a Personal Trainer?

Here are a few reasons

Help you improve your technique
Give you that extra push when you hit a plateau
Require fresh ideas or need some inspiration
Help you train for competitive events
Help you with supervision, company or support during your workouts

Lacking motivation

Get more out of your sessions

Our trainers are here to give you that extra push to reach your desired goals by always having a positive attitude and motivating you through your health & fitness journey.


Personal Training Team

Nicki Widdows



What is goXpro?
It is a personal training platform to provide you with a personalised program, group classes and exercise instructions and videos.

What goXpro provides

Personalised Program

You will receive a complete personalised program that covers everything from cardio and strength training to group classes. You will also have access to exercise instructions and videos to keep track of your results.

Group Fitness Classes

Use goXpro to easily find the classes that interest you. 

Body Measurements

Keep track of your measurements, such as your weight and monitor your progress over time.

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