Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor,

Nicki is a mum of one and knows the struggles of weight gain and weight loss. Throughout my life, I would gain weight then lose weight.

During my pregnancy, I gained 40kgs and weighed 120kgs after birth. So things had to change not just for my health but also to show my daughter how to take care of your health.

How Nicki achieved her own goals:

I lost 41kgs but after 1 year I gained an extra 21kgs due to stress and emotional eating.  So my aim was to find a great gym and health coach to help me with my weight loss. After changing my mindset and having some help from my health coach, I lost the weight again, however, this was also through determination, consistency, hard work, having a positive mindset and a change of diet. 

Nicki's Favourite quote:

There is no such word as CAN'T as their is no 'T' in CAN.

Why did you want to become a Personal Trainer:

Watching myself through my own struggles lead me to become a Group Fitness Instructor/Personal trainer. I want to help the community with achieving their own goals, strengths and gain their confidence back through exercise.

Nicki's Qualifications:

Certificate III & IV in Fitness  

Certified Boogie Bounce Instructor

Level 1 First Aid & CPR

What Nicki specialises in:

Small Group Training

Functional Fitness

Weight Loss & Weight Training

Body Composition

High Intensity Training

Nicki's Playlist:

90's & Now Trance

Dj's Calvin Harris, Avici & Armin Van Burren